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           West Sonoma County UHSD



                          Contact Information:

                               Vicki Johnson, Parent Services Coordinator 

                                            850-627-9651 Ext. 1295

                                            Fax: 850-627-7594


                     Enrollment Plan Link:



The School Board shall establish residential attendance zones for each school. All students, unless otherwise provided by School Board rule or authorized by the School Board’s order, shall attend the school serving the student’s residential attendance zone. A student’s residence is the residence of his/her parent/guardian. Any student residing in the Gadsden County School District (GCSD) shall be assigned to a school for attendance by the Superintendent or his designee. The Gadsden County School District gladly honors school choice from any parent/guardian.


The Gadsden County School District has open enrollment options for parents to choose a school outside their residential attendance zone school. The Gadsden County School District allows parents from any school district in the state, whose child is not subject to a current expulsion or suspension, to enroll his or her child in and transport his or her child to any public school in the district, including charter schools, that have not reached capacity subject to the maximum class size pursuant to Florida Statutes and the Controlled Open Enrollment Plan adopted by the School Board. No student shall be permitted to transfer, enroll, or be admitted to a school when he/she has been expelled or suspended from another school district. This prohibition shall be effective for the period of time in which the student was expelled or suspended from another district. Such students shall be accorded the same appeals procedure which is available for district students.




       Gadsden County School District Controlled Open Enrollment Plan 2020-2021                            

                                                       (Click Link)    





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