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Welcome to Gadsden's FloridaKid Care
***For anyone from Gadsden County that fills out an Application, make sure to put GC2 when asked where did you hear about us***
***For anyone from Gadsden County that fills out an Application, make sure to put GC2 when asked where did you hear about us***

Gadsden County School District Cares!!!

Dental and Medical coverage has long been the topic of conversation, not only in Florida, but also in the United States. Numerous Presidential Candidates have promised to tackle this issue, and many have failed. There have been improvements and drawbacks throughout the past 20 years in regards to coverage and affordability. However, the question still remains, how has this affected those who can’t afford insurance, or who have jobs that don’t offer insurance. Another important consideration is how this affects those who just lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With all of these factors restricting the less fortunate from having basic medical and dental coverage, what is the solution? What is the answer? Over the past year, Gadsden County has found an answer to its residents with affordable insurance, regardless of their employment status or insurance offered at their jobs. Gadsden County understands that the health of the community is of vital importance, because without them, there is no community.

Recently, the residents of Gadsden County have been offered KidCare, which has been very beneficial to those who had just given up on looking for insurance. The problem has not only been not having coverage, it has also been not knowing where to look to find affordable coverage. At Gadsden County School District the priority is to go out into the communities, reach out to the parents, post the information on Facebook and other social media sites that parents are on, and inform our communities that there is an affordable and obtainable coverage that our children could benefit from right here in Gadsden County. The district is striving to reach every parent, every chance, and opportunity possible.  

Now with Covid-19, it is more than essential to be covered by some form of insurance, whether you are employed or not, because, it is not wise to wait until you have a problem and then find yourself unprepared. It is best to have something in place, so when the problem arises you are already covered.


Elijah Israel

Title I Program Assistant

Phone # 850-627-9651 Ext. 1300


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