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Work Orders

Log-in : https://login.myschoolbuilding .com/msb GCS utilizes "School Dude", an

education asset management system . Through the WO application, maintenance

coordinates and tracks support services effectively and efficiently


Work Orders are used to repair existing equipment and conditions.


A. Key points to consider while creating your request


 i.              It is important to provide as much detailed information as possible describing the problem at hand. This enables us to assign the WO to the best suited technician


 ii.             Be sure to include at minimum the School Name, Building Number and Room Number in your request


 iii.            Any additional information leading us to the problem is helpful



i.              Modifying or adding new space and infrastructure is usually initiated through a Project Request form . "See Project Requests"


B. Timeframe for addressing Work Orders

i.              Emergencies - Will respond immediately

ii.             Urgent - Will address within 3 days

iii.            Route - 30 day window

iv.            Deferred - waiting on funding or window of opportunity

If repairs are not addressed in a timely manner, please do not submit another WO. Send an email to Amy O'Donnell - and copy Bill Hunter -  This will stimulate a faster response and alleviate duplicate work orders.


C.        What is considered an emergency?

i.              Fire or Smoke

ii.             Gas smell/leak

iii.         Sewage overflow/flooding

iv.        Busted water pipe leaking/flooding

v .           AC or Heat not working

vi.            Power Outage

vii.           Unable to secure exterior doors or windows

viii.          Food Service coolers/freezers down or not cooling properly


Call Facilities immediately at (850) 627-9888 and report the problem. Follow up by submitting a work order.


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