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Gadsden County School District



The Office of Assessment  is responsible for the coordination and implementation of state and national assessments.


The mission of the Office of Assessment  is to:



Ensure good assessment practices across all programs and to align assessments with other quality improvement initiatives, program reviews, annual reporting, and all requirements of the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE)
Support the communication and implementation of a cohesive district-wide assessment system for continuous improvement of student learning



The primary purpose of the Office of Assessment  remains the continuous improvement of student performance by providing stakeholders with easy access to methodologically sound information regarding student development in areas targeted by the curriculum that programmatic adjustments and decisions may be made most effectively.

The objectives of the Office of Assessment  are to:

Coordinate the development of a district-wide outcomes assessment system  
Provide support to schools in their assessment activities
Facilitate the support of goals/objectives, outcomes, and assessment methods
Assist school/district in systematically gathering, analyzing, managing, and interpreting assessment data


Many of the initiatives of the Office of Assessment  are through the partnerships with the Florida Department of Education, District Specialists, Instructional Media and Technology, K-12 and Curriculum, Exceptional Student Education, and the district's Guidance Counselors.





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