* Inclusion is what we do! Families with Children that have a Disability are ENCOURAGED to apply *

Applications will NOT be processed for enrollment until all documentation is provided and verified

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How do I apply?

You can apply in person at the Head Start/Pre-K main office or online.

Main Office
500 W. King St.
Quincy, Fl 32351

Eligibility Requirements

Families are selected for our Head Start/Pre-K program based on the need of the family; not the order in which we receive your application. Eligibility is based on income and age. The child must be 3 or 4 years old by September 1 of the year for which you are applying.

Required Documents:

  1. Child’s Birth Certificate or Passport
  2. Proof of Guardianship (if your name is not on the Child’s Birth Certificate)
  3. Physical - Must include Hemoglobin & Lead
  4. Immunization Record
  5. Verification of Dental Exam
  6. Valid Driver’s Licenses or State Issue I.D.
  7. Medicaid or Insurance Card
  8. Verification of all family income of Parent(s) or Guardian(s) for the past 12 months such as:

         *Most current Income Tax form (1040, 1040A, W-2)
         *Check Stubs (12 consecutive months)
         *SSI, SSA, or Social Security Benefits - current award letter (s)
         *Child Support – total distribution (12 consecutive months)
         *Unemployment Compensations – current unemployment Letter of Eligibility
         *TANF (Public Assistance)
         *Statement from Employer – on letterhead that includes; dates of hire, current pay rate, number of work hours per week, total income for the last 12 months, verification and signature date.

VPK Requirements 4-year olds ONLY

  • Document containing name and street address of parent (No P.O. Box)
  • Driver's License
  • Utility Bill
  • Lease Agreement
Head Start is a nationwide, federally funded program whose purpose is to promote school readiness by enhancing the social, physical, and cognitive development of children. Head Start is provided at no cost to eligible families and accepts children age’s three years old to five years old.

Our program promote school readiness of children ages three and four from low-income families by supporting the development of the whole child. Our Head Start/Pre-K program is based in centers and schools. We believe in the support of children’s growth and development in a positive learning environment through a variety of services, which include early learning, health, and family well-being. 

We are dedicated to your children receiving high-quality services such as:

  • Health and educational screenings and appropriate referrals and Inclusive services for children with disabilities
  • Referral services for a range of individual child and family needs
  • Opportunities for parents to participate in school decision making
As educators, our goal is to support and assist parents in their role as their child’s primary teacher by providing a safe and supportive environment, with ongoing opportunities for active learning through which children may develop self confidence, initiative, curiosity and resourcefulness that will serve them well in school and later in life.
Every child should have dreams that are nurtured to provide a future filled with promise and hope. Our mission is to ensure that all children participating in the Gadsden County School Head Start/ Pre-Kindergarten Program enter school emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually ready to learn; fully recognizing the crucial role of the parents as their child’s primary teacher.

Chattahoochee Elementary School, 335 Maple St. Chattahoochee, Fl 32324

Hours of operation - 9:00am - 4:00 p.m

Transportation provided

Greensboro Elementary School, 559 Greensboro Hwy, Greensboro, Fl 32351

Hours of operation - 9:00am - 4:00 p.m

Transportation provided

George W. Munroe Elementary School, 1830 W King St. Quincy, Fl 32351

Hours of operation - 9:00am - 4:00 p.m

Transportation provided

Stewart Street Elementary School, 749 S Stewart St. Quincy, Fl 32351

Hours of Operation - 9:00am - 4:00pm

Transportation provided

Havana Magnet School, 1210 Kemp Rd. Havana, Fl 32333

Hours of operation - 9:00am - 4:00 p.m

Transportation provided

Gadsden Elementary Magnet School, 500 W King St. Quincy, Fl 32351

Hours of operation - 8:00am - 3:00 p.m

Transportation provided

Midway Head Start, 86 Martin Luther King Blvd. Midway, Fl 32343

Hours of operation - 7:30am - 3:30 p.m

Transportation provided

Quincy Area 3's, 35 Martin Luther King Blvd. Quincy, Fl 32351

Hours of operation - 7:00am - 5:00 p.m

Transportation is not provided

In these days, it is doubtful that any child may reasonably be expected to succeed in life if he is denied the opportunity of an education. Such an opportunity, where the state has undertaken to provide it, is a right that must be made available on equal terms. Chief Justice Earl Warren, Brown v. Board of Education (1954)
In accordance with the Federal Head Start mandate to make at least 10 percent of its enrollment opportunities available to children with disabilities, we have an active recruitment process designed to seek out children with special needs who are in need of comprehensive services.

Services include, but are not limited to;

  • Helping each child become more independent, self reliant and to develop a positive self concept;
  • Providing opportunities for children with disabilities to play and learn with non-disabled children;
  • Approaching each child's needs on an individualized basis through the formulation of an Individualized Education Program, thus meeting the unique needs and capabilities of the child and the special circumstances of his/her family;
  • Offering services to parents in meeting the special needs of their child.

Play is a Child's Work

When children play they learn valuable skills to use throughout their lives. Because of this, Head Start / Pre-K sets up center areas in the classrooms so children can learn through play. Each center area in the room has a purpose for learning.

Head Start classrooms are open to parents during all program hours. Parents are welcomed as visitors and are encouraged to observe children as often as possible; as well as to participate with children in group activities.

Parents may contact their child's teacher about visiting the classroom.

Family Services Workers assist families with their needs, goals and much more...

Helping Families to:

  • Further their own personal education, such as obtaining a GED, completing technical or college level coursework; 
  • Connect with resources that provide assistance with food, housing, medical, dental and vision care 
  • Encourage and participate in play activities that promote children's growth & development; 
  • Emphasize and support consistent school attendance; 
  • Foster healthy, supportive relationships.

One of our goals is to ensure that each child enrolled in Head Start / Pre-K is up-to-date on age appropriate health care. Head Start / Pre-K recognizes that good health is very important to a child's physical, social-emotional, and cognitive growth and development. A child that isn't healthy can sometimes have a hard time learning. Our goal is to provide high-quality early learning opportunities that support school readiness, and this includes promoting good health.

Required Health Services

  • Yearly Physical
  • Yearly Blood Pressure
  • Hemoglobin/Hemocrit
  • Blood Lead Screening
  • Vision Exam

Building Relationships with families is a key part of the family partnership process. We do this throughout the program year starting with the intake process, orientations, home visits, parent/teacher conferences, and parent events. Parent engagement is an essential part of Head Start / Pre-K program, and fathers are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the program. 

Parent Trainings

We offer parents the opportunity to attend trainings on a wide variety of subjects including:

  • Behavior Management   
  • Financial Planning
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention

Parents are asked for input on training topics and additional trainings are offered as requested.

Head Start / Pre-K believes strongly in the value of parent involvement in the governance of the program. We offer parents the opportunity to exercise governance in Parent Committees, the Policy Council and Advisory Groups.

There are no fees for children to attend Head Start / Pre-K.  All events and activities are provided free of charge to the children and families in the program.  Program policy states no staff member, volunteer or parent, can request money or donations from other staff members, volunteers, or parents.  In an effort to avoid duplication of requests, any parent interested in asking for any type of donation from the community must discuss it with the Parent Involvement Coordinator, who must obtain approval from the Director prior to making any official requests.

Visit https://familyservices.floridaearlylearning.com/Account/LogOn or contact the Head Start / Pre-K main office to schedule an appointment with a VPK Program Assistant. 

To register, a child must be four years old by September 1 of the school year you are applying for

  • Access to the internet
  • Proof of current residency: driver's license, utility bill, or paystub
  • Proof of age: birth certificate, passport, or military ID

It will take up to five business days to receive the Certificate of Eligibility by email. Once received, sign and proivde a copy to the Head Start / Pre-K main office.

Within Head Start / Pre-K, confidential information will only be shared with employees of Head Start / Pre-K who have a “need to know” in order to most appropriately and safely care for your child.  Head Start  / Pre-K strives to protect everyone’s right of privacy so confidential and sensitive information about staff, other parents, or children will not be shared with parents.  Parents have no right to know anything about other children, other parents or personal information about staff.
  • Children are to be walked to and from the classroom and must be signed in and out, with a signature and time.
  • Children will only be released to individual(s) listed on the Child Care Application for Enrollment form.

  • For the safety of your child, parents are asked to provide, in writing, any changes to the emergency contacts listed on the Child Care Application for Enrollment form.

The application process must be completed and your child (ren) has been accepted in order to be placed on our Waiting List


The following items are required to complete the application process: 

  • Birth certificate (proof of birth is acceptable)
  • Proof of income or eligibility using one of these: W-2, 1040 tax form, 4 most recent pay stubs, TANF or SSI documentation, unemployment letter, foster child documentation, child support documentation
  • Child’s current physical form(must incude hemoglobin & lead)
  • Child’s current immunization records
  • Verification of Dental Exam
  • VPK Voucher (4 year-olds ONLY)
  • Children are asked to attend school daily for the full instructional program day.  We want your child to benefit from the full Head Start / Pre-K learning experience!

  • Parents are asked to call their child’s classroom 1 hour prior to the start of school to report an absence or tardiness.

  • If your child has irregular attendance, your Family Services Worker will contact you to determine if assistance is needed.

  • Excessive absences from school, not including emergencies or illnesses, that cannot be resolved, may mean your child cannot benefit fully from the program.  At this time your child’s enrollment in the program could be at risk. 

Head Start/Pre-K Staff