Superintendent's Corner

Elijah Key-Superintendent

Elijah Key

Superintendent Elijah Key, Jr.

Superintendent Elijah Key, Jr. is born and raised in Quincy, Fla.  He is married to the Mrs. Twanda P. Key. They are the proud parents of five, two boys and three girls, Brinnin Elijah (FAMU), Jaylen Tariq (UAB), Jakyla Brione (TCC), Aniyah Elaine (GEMS), and Eliana Mychelle (GCHS).  He is the son of Elijah and Dorothy Key, Sr. and the youngest of three.

He is a member of the James A Shanks High School graduating Class of 1993. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Science Education from The Florida State University. He has earned a Masters in Science Degree in Educational Leadership from Walden University. In addition, he has completed over 30 hours of doctoral work at Liberty University. (No longer enrolled due to family, pastoring and career.)

He has been involved in the educational arena since 1995 serving as a coach and later as a substitute teacher. He was hired as a teacher at Havana Northside in 2001 where he taught and coached football, basketball and track. With the closing of Havana Northside and James A Shanks, he joined the newly formed East Gadsden High School where he taught and coached football, basketball and softball. After serving a total of three and half years as a teacher, he was asked to join the administration team in the fall of 2004.

He served faithfully as an administrator for discipline and curriculum from 2004 to 2009 when he was hired as the Principal of Gadsden Elementary Magnet School. In 2010, he was assign to Chattahoochee Elementary School where he led the school from its failing status. In 2014, because of political reason he was hired by Jefferson County School District where he served as a Principal of their elementary school where he led improvement moving the school from its F status and continuous improvement the 3 years he served at JCSD. He also served at FAMU as a Principal at FAMU DRS and as an Assistant to the Dean of the College of Education.  

In 2019, he return to Gadsden County, serving as Asst. Principal for discipline, reducing the number of incidents compared to previous years. Superintendent Key is persistent, as all know that he does not quit. After failing repeatedly, he ran for the office of Superintendent of Schools again in 2020 and was successful.

He now is leading the Gadsden County School District where he emphasizes, “Educating every student today, making Gadsden stronger tomorrow.”