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The Office of Technology is divided into three divisions:
Instructional Technology, Student Information and Networking

Digital Classroom Plan
"Enhancing Learning Through Technology"

Promote the effective use of technology to improve student achievement.


We, the partners for excellence in education, will bring together schools, communities, business partners, and parents to offer a technology enriched educational program that will meet the needs of all stakeholders. It is our vision that the Gadsden School District will have new and emerging technologies in conjunction with traditional approaches to provide students with academic, intellectual, emotional, psychological, physical, and social experiences that will develop the whole student. Our product will be students who possess foundational, marketable, and/or functional skills that will enable them to broaden their horizons in any post-secondary endeavor upon which they might choose to embark.

Information Technology Division:

This division provides information management services through the oversight of the district's School Information Systems (SIS) and various data analysis.

 Instructional Technology Division:

  • This division promotes student and staff proficiency in the use and application of technology focused on student achievement.
  • The instructional technology division will also continue to: provide technical support for network maintenance, design and implement professional development for staff, and assess the effectiveness of technology on student performance.

Gadsden County Instructional Technology Division

Technology Belief Statements:
  • Integrating technology into the curriculum is essential to supporting the teaching and learning process.
  • Continuous and evolving professional development is vital for the effective integration of technology.
  • Having viable access to technology, students will be prepared to function in a global society that requires effective users of information, ideas, and technology.
  • Technology can provide more opportunities for individualization, collaborative learning
Technology Goals:
  1. All students and educators will have equitable and effective access to telecommunication services and other modern technologies that supports the teaching and learning process.
  2. District infrastructure will provide a state-of-the-art Wide Area Network that will deliver voice, video and data services that supports the teaching, learning and administrative goals of the district.
  3. Instructional Technology will be integrated into existing school curriculums to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity in an effort to meet district, state and/or national standards and prepare students for success.
  4. All schools will receive school and district level assistance in managing and integrating technology seamlessly throughout the curriculum.
  5. Students will become proficient users of technology  and meet technology literacy competencies as established by district, state and/or national standards.
  6. Educators will have the technology training, skills and resources needed to meet technology literacy competencies as established by district, state and/or national standards.
  7. All schools will have access to the essential hardware/software and appropriately designed infrastructure needed to enhance learning, disseminate information and expand paperless communications via wireless connection.


Welcome to the Gadsden County School Districts Information Technology Division. The ITS division is the heart of the district. This is where student, staff, finance and various other databases are housed. Whether by request from our schools, district departments, parents, or outside agencies, we process data and produce reports or files for various end users.


The mission of the Information Technology Division is to provide high quality services in the most effective and efficient manner possible, as the Gadsden County Public School District "Builds a Brighter Future" for its stakeholders.

Call the main office at 627-9651 and request to speak with someone in MIS.
Create a ticket on the help desk directed to John Washington or Anthony Farlin.
Check to make sure you are using zeros and not O's then check letter case.