Safety & Security

The Safety of EVERY Gadsden County Student is our #1 Priority!

Gadsden County School District will create, maintain and enhance the physical and emotional safety of all students and staff and combine the use of technology and personnel to ensure our schools and work-sites are safe, secure and protected.

This site was established to enable us to be more accessible to the community. We encourage you to take the time to explore all areas of the site and to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments you may have. The Department is committed and dedicated to working with local law enforcement agencies and community to provide a safe school environment.

The Safety Department is fully committed to keeping the community informed of the department's events, activities, programs and services that occur on our campuses. If you have any questions please contact Gadsden County School District at 850-627-9651.

COVID-19 Safety Training

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FS 1006.147- The “Jeffery Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act” was enacted in April 2008.  This law provides a legal definition for bullying which includes bullying that occurs over the computer using school networks on or off school property. The law mandates each school district to promptly develop a code of conduct against all bullying and harassment. The code of conduct must include procedures for identifying incidents of bullying, determining if the incident occurred within the school district, parental notification and when appropriate notification of law enforcement authorities, and counseling services to victims of bullying.  The law also contains a monitoring system to report bullying.

Each school has preplanned both primary and alternate on and off campus evacuation areas, as well as parent reunification locations.
Depending upon the evacuation location, students and staff either walk to the designated area or are bused by our Transportation Department. Each school has a specific plan to address, when necessary, how many and what type of buses are needed.
Our District's Public Information Officer will get the information out via Gadsden County School District web site, Parent-Link, WCTV Channel 9, WTXL Channel 27, Facebook and Radio- 96.1 FM.
In the event of a regional power failure, it is highly recommended that parents tune in to Radio 96.1 FM on their battery -powered radios (as was recently recommended by the federal government, to have in each household).
Notification normally take place during or after the relocation.
The best time to pick up your children would be after arriving at the designated evacuation area.
Exactly the same method used to release children from school. Again, in each school's specific Crisis Management Plan the issue of releasing children has been addressed - schools will in fact have in a separate evacuation kit, an extra set up school emergency contact cards for each child.